Why Choose EZ 1040?
Why should I choose EZ 1040?
We understand that the process of doing your taxes can be daunting. Tax code is more than just complex, it’s ever-changing. We’re here to make this as easy as possible on you. There’s no need to gather all your documents, make an appointment, drive to an office and meet with an accountant. It can also be scary to complete your taxes on your own using tax software and be left to wonder if you missed anything. Most online tax sites only provide a way for you to complete your tax return. At EZ 1040, an actual CPA will review and complete your tax return for you.
How does EZ 1040 work?
Just sign up on our website, answer a few questions, then upload your documents. We’ll do the rest!
After You File
When will I receive my refund?
If you choose to direct deposit your refund, you will typically receive your refund in as little as 8 days. If you did not choose direct deposit or if your direct deposit information was inaccurate, you will typically receive your refund check within 3 weeks. If you mailed in your tax return instead of e-filing, you will typically receive your refund in 6 weeks or more.
What if I’m audited?
We’re here for you! We have a team of highly knowledgeable and helpful CPAs to help you through dealing with the IRS. Contact us immediately if you received an audit letter from the IRS, so we can get started immediately.
Completing Your Taxes
What information should I have before I start?
To receive a free personalized quote, you’ll just need an email address. We’ll ask you 10 basic questions about yourself. Based on your answers, we’ll determine the best package option available to you and provide you with the cost. If you’re happy with your package and quote, we’ll take your payment information using a major credit card.
How does EZ 1040 know which package to choose for me?
We’ll ask you 10 basic questions about yourself. Based on your answers, we’ll determine the best package option available to you. If you forget something, your package can be upgraded at anytime.
Can I file my state and federal taxes with EZ 1040?
Absolutely! Our CPAs are here to help with your state and federal taxes.
If I only have a 1099, can I still use EZ 1040?
Yes. A W2 is not a requirement for us to complete your taxes. If your income was only distributed through a 1099, this is not a problem.
What if I have questions?
Our certified public accountants are here for you! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us using our convenient messaging system. Once you log into your account, look for the “Messages” icon on the left toolbar.
Will someone double-check my information?
Yes! This is what makes EZ 1040 unique. Unlike other online tax preparation websites, you’re not alone with us. Your taxes are still reviewed and filed by a real life person, not a computer system.
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